Patient Feedback

Many of our patients have been pleased with the results produced from their treatment, and the high level of service we provided. Read below for our patients’ opinions.

“Overall Very Satisfied All Round”

“I have used this dentist for over 25 years, seen many changes, overall very satisfied all round. Timekeeping could improve, but once you’re in, the workmanship is very good, not to mention names, but I always see the upstairs young lady. THANK YOU, Steve.” New Smile

Steve L

“My Dentist Has Made Me Feel Calm and Happy”

“This practice is a busy family dental practice, dentist do chat friendly and accommodate individual needs even translation or changing time if I was late. I have been given advice and I had the choice of materials and treatment that fit in my budget. Practice is improving decor and service gradually. Nurses and reception staff are friendly, and I feel welcomed. Me and all my friends have been here although we travel a good distance to get there but it is worth it. My dentist has made me feel calm and happy to let them sort out my carries ;) Thank you! By the way when is extra busy, explanation is given and we need to understand that it take time to give a good service so I will wait patiently or book another day when I am not in a hurry.

“Work Carried Out Has Been of the Highest Standard”

The Dentist has always been friendly polite, professional and always has greeted me with a smile despite the bad reviews some people have given. My dentist has been very outstanding professional, and the work carried out has been of the highest standard and is commendable and the advice given to me has been very good and in the best of my interest. I have an elderly mother of 93 years of age who is also a patient and this dentist has shown not only great care and professionalism but has gone out and beyond care of duty to visit her home just to make sure she fine. Accommodated so that she did not have to climb stairs and used a colleague’s dental facility. Yes, I agree that sometimes the waiting time has been slightly longer but this is because the dentist gives every patient enough time and the best dental treatment and deals with the problem they have on NHS. In my opinion this dentist should be given more credit than has been given for the skills and advice given.

“They Talked Me Through All the Treatment and Put Me at Ease”

“Great for nervous patients. Having a very real phobia of dentists (and especially injections) I had not visited a dentist for around 30 years, so as a consequence my teeth and gums were in terrible condition. I found dentist to be very professional. They were sympathetic, understanding and most important of all, totally non-judgmental. They talked me through all the treatment and put me at ease. I would definitely recommend here to anyone nervous about visiting a dentist.”

Rob B

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